Top e-commerce strategies for reducing cart abandonment

88.05 % of online shopping carts are abandoned without a purchase.


The Problem of Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment has been an issue for online merchants since the dawn of ecommerce. Thousands of dollars are lost each year as a result of targeted consumers who do not complete their transactions. Fortunately, there are techniques to minimize this amount through video interaction.

That is a big sum of money left on the table!
One strategy for reducing this high number is to participate in point-of-intent video content. This meaning that when a consumer adds an item to their online basket, they will be given a video. The movie is brief, often 15-30 seconds in length, and gives a concise overview of the product or service. Additionally, it highlights customer evaluations and testimonials to assist establish confidence and may even provide options for follow-up human contact if there are any outstanding issues.

This style of video has been demonstrated to significantly decrease cart abandonment rates by as much as 50%. Customers who watch the video are more likely to add more goods to their basket and finish the transaction.

Each year, abandoned shopping carts harm online commerce $4 trillion.


Several items to consider include the following:

  1. Make use of video to get shoppers to add things to their shopping carts.
  2. Use video to demonstrate the contents of the customer’s cart and to remind them of the items they’ve added.
  3. Use video as a point of intent or to inquire if a customer’s readiness to check out. This may assist in alleviating hesitancy and ultimately result in a completed transaction.

There are a few other methods for reducing abandoned shopping carts. One method is through live chat. This enables internet merchants to establish real-time connections with prospective consumers. If the consumer has any problems or queries, these may be handled instantly. This may aid in the development of trust and decrease the likelihood of desertion.
Live chat significantly beats chatbots in terms of consumer happiness. Live chat increases customer satisfaction by up to 83 % .

Another excellent technique is to make use of retargeting. This is when online merchants display advertisements for their items to prospective buyers who have previously visited their website but did not purchase them. Remarketing is an effective strategy for maintaining your product’s prominence in your clients’ minds. You can take it a step further by providing them with not just static retargeting ads but also the ability to ask questions and get product help.

E-Commerce platforms and website owners by providing solutions that assist in reducing abandoned shopping carts and increasing good perceptions of online shopping and seller preference.

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By Sarah Kuhn

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