Email list: how to grow it and how to get more subscribers today


We will discuss email list-building strategies. Here are some of the best techniques to increase your subscriber list.

1.Add an exit popup

What is exit intent popup?

As soon as you attempt to leave a website, an exit intent box appears. Close your tab or window by moving your cursor up, and you’ll get a pop-up to remind you to do so.

Most exit intent popups will feature a special incentive to convince someone to give you their email address, such as a discount on a product or service. Even if someone is ready to depart, you’ll need to work hard to keep them in the picture. Eventually.

Why to use them?

Exit intent popups may be a bother for certain people, who perceive them as a problem for their visitors. There is a good chance that they haven’t seen any proof of the advantages.

When a powerful marketing site like Marketing Examples uses an exit intent popup, it receives 50% of its email subscribers.

Over 70% of visitors who leave your website will never return, did you know that? What if I told you there’s a simple approach you can apply to turn many of these disinterested people into email newsletter subscribers?
Exit-Intent Technology is the name of the game. When a user is about to leave the site, it identifies their behavior and displays an optin form to them.
Your audience will expand no matter what device they use since your popups should be mobile-friendly.


2.Use of Popular Posts to Attract New Customers

Lead magnets, gifts, and ethical incentives are just some of the ways you may attract new customers. It doesn’t matter what you name it; it’s a great way to get people to sign up for your email list.

“Would you want to take advantage of this bonus?” It’s completely free! All I need is your e-mail address.

Despite this, however, there is one exception.

Is creating lead magnets complicated?

A PDF checklist or an e-book may not be enough time for you. It’s possible that creating an email or a video series is beyond your current capabilities. And what if you don’t have the necessary skills to create eye-catching infographics?

If you fit this description, you don’t have to accept that you’ll have to sit on the sidelines and watch while your competitors get subscribers.

If you’ve got 30 seconds to spare, you’ll be OK.

That’s all it takes to create a printable PDF version of one of your most popular articles.

Copy and paste the Url of the article you want to print in Print Friendly. Click the “PDF” button and then click “Download”. Easy-peasy, right?


3.Remove all distractions

How many sidebar widgets does your website have?
Do you finish your posts with many calls to action?
How many options do your visitors have when they arrive at your site?
How can you expect your readers to do the one move you want them to make if you give them so many alternatives to choose from?
What’s the best way to increase your email list? It’s time to become organized.
We can all understand why. Conversions are a top priority in every area of the page, from the header to the testimonials. Readers will not be distracted by social network symbols, advertisements, or anything else.

What can we learn from Askwhat’s landing page above?

-Clean the diffuse components

-Keep our social networking icons out of the way.

-Move the “search” option to the bottom of the page, where it is seldom used.

-Stay with a single call-to-action each piece.

That which does not contribute to the growth of our email list should be removed from consideration.
Consider making it simple for visitors to provide their contact information without having to deal with unnecessary clutter.
To that end, here are a few additional pointers for developing landing pages that convert well.

4.Don’t Ask for So Much Data!

In your lead generating and contact forms, what personal information are you requesting from visitors? Name, e-mail, and telephone number?

Now, I’d want to ask you a follow-up:

Is it necessary for you? How do you plan to use this information?

Stop asking individuals for information if they say no. Several A/B tests show that the less information you request from readers, the lower the likelihood that they will opt in.

Don’t go over.

Keep the subject line brief and to the point. Ask just for what you need to know. You may ask for the additional information at a later time if you absolutely need it.
Progressive profiling is a great way to increase customer engagement and lead generation!
The names aren’t necessary, is that correct? Keep your hands off of them. You don’t need phone numbers, do you? Don’t ask others to do it for you.

Keep things as straightforward as possible.

Your email list will grow as a result of requesting a less amount of data.


5.Content Locking is a solution that’s possible.

What is contect locking?

Users are more likely to take action if the content on their site is locked down. An example of this may be signing up for a newsletter or making a payment for access to premium material, but it could be anything. The process of securing material is quite similar to that of upgrading existing content.

What if you didn’t have to develop any fresh material in order to obtain more email subscribers?
Locked or gated content.
If you don’t have a subscriber, you may hide some of the material from your site visitors until they do.
The first step is to figure out which of your blog entries get the most traffic.
To place gated content on your most popular material, you just need these information.

Using a Content Locker to Grow Your Email List: 5 Proven Strategies

1.Do not share anything except the finest of your work.

2.Your content vault should be branded in the same way as any other part of your website.

3.Compete with your own copy. Have content lockers compete against each other in an A/B test to determine which copy wins.

4.Asking for subscription confirmation will make your subscribers happy. You can expect a content-hungry subscriber base.

5.Groups may be a great way to get your information in front of subscribers that are interested.

By Sarah Kuhn

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