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Integrate Facebook ads to drive your audience to your Shopify store.
Shopify is used by both large and small brands to consolidate their commerce into a single platform. Merchants can track sales made on the web, on social media, in physical stores, and at pop-up shops by customizing their online stores. This post explains how Shopify stores may use Facebook ads to attract a ready-to-buy audience. We’ll also examine Shopify’s tracking system and how to use Facebook advertisements to boost revenue.

1.Why Advertise Your Shopify Store on Facebook?

Facebook advertising allow you to determine your target customer’s likes, interests, and habits.
This makes it easy to optimize ad packages to reach a big audience of potential Shopify customers.
Facebook advertising is preferable for small business entrepreneurs beginning a Shopify site over well-established brands running macro and micro-targeted campaigns.
Anyone can expand their business with Facebook ads by understanding the basics of the platform and how to track using the Facebook ads dashboard and Shopify dashboard.

2.Facebook advertising benefits

Reach An Engaged Audience

Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users who spend more time on the social network than on competitors. The business also tracks Messenger and Instagram users. Ad targeting uses the combined information from these accounts.

Demographics, behaviors, and interests

Facebook is a platform to share news, communicate with brands, and post images.
All of your activity and connections on the site are used to generate a unique user profile for Facebook ads campaign manager.
Facebook ads may target by interests, habits, and attributes.


Brands use social media to provide handpicked photos and express their own voice.

Facebook ads can be seen on brand pages.

This will improve brand awareness and inspire engaged users to follow your organization.

3.Ad formats to promote products and services

Your Facebook ROI may depend on effective ad types.

Beginners often struggle to create high-performing ads due to so many alternatives. To ease the introduction, we highlight five ad formats. When you realize what are they you will have effective Shopify Facebook Ad.

One Image Ads

Most consumers browse past single picture advertising.

This format simplifies product and offer promotion.

Single-image ads are great for promoting a specific offer or product on a budget.

Video Ads

Video advertising let you show your audience both your brand tone and items.

These ads can be created in Facebook Ads Manager and displayed across Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, and Messenger.

Facebook says 15-second videos attract viewers.

These brief videos need a clear call-to-action clip.

This includes buying products or visiting your website.


Carousel advertising can scroll between many videos and images.

If you display different products, link each to its page.

Users can scroll photos.

Carousel ads are useful for exhibiting numerous products, announcing new themes or partnerships, or offering instructions.


Full-screen collection advertising.

End customers can browse and shop using a cover image or video and several products.

This ad format displays a comprehensive product catalog and facilitates easy purchasing.

Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories can display these adverts.

4.Shopify Facebook Ad tracking


Facebook Business Suite

To analyze ad performance, visit Facebook Ads Manager and choose the campaign.

Once you select a campaign, you may check analytics by ad set or ad.

Choose the measure to report from the Columns menu.


•Views and percentage watched
This dashboard will show you which ads are doing well and giving a good return on investment.

This helps build and optimize future advertisements. If you want to learn more about the social media app Tiktok and what the benefits are when you use it, click here.

Shopify conversions

After logging into your Shopify store, go to Marketing to see traffic and sales by source.

Here you may review which sources provide you the most Facebook conversions.

Shopify and Facebook analytics must be compared to verify consistency.

Both systems update at different times, so modest differences are normal.

One of the greatest benefits of the Shopify platform is that they give free SEO courses. Go there when you click here.

Facebook’s diverse audience makes it a marketing gold mine.

It provides tools and data to segment audiences based on product qualities.

Integrating Facebook ads with your Shopify business increases brand exposure, engagement, and revenues. Use our Shopify Facebook Ad tips and follow us on social media for more…

By Sarah Kuhn

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