Instagram hashtag strategy of 2022

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Instagram hashtags help the platform “describe” your article so people can easily discover it.

What hashtags should I use on Instagram?

Instagram made several unclear modifications last year regarding using only a few hashtags.
If you are wondering how many # to add, just keep reading…
So, let’s look at what Instagram says and what users discover while working on the site.
Instagram’s recommended hashtag use.
Twitter may have invented them, but Instagram is where they shine.
Every post has them, and users use them to discover new stuff. That implies they’re vital to your platform marketing success.
First, Instagram just issued explicit guidelines on how many hashtags to use.
In September 2021, they indicated on their @creators account that 3 to 5 hashtags each post was preferable. That surprised most Instagram marketers! They’ve long suggested using 8-15 hashtags.
For a long time, you could add up to 30. That’s what I said in my Instagram hashtag guide.
Instagram also supplied some useful hashtag suggestions in the piece.
Most are classic Instagram hashtags like:
-Don’t use hashtags that don’t fit
-Take use of your audience’s existing hashtags.
-Aim for a combination of well-known community hashtags and specialty hashtags.

Use specialized hashtags to quickly reach your audience, and even build your own customized hashtag or campaign hashtag.

Good to know:
Use hashtags that are relevant to your content.
Don’t use generic hashtags. They will make your content blend in with millions of others.

Tips and directions for right Instagram hashtag strategy

A hashtag vault helps you arrange hashtags for your brand’s social media postings. This contains both famous hashtags related to your business and your own branded tags. A color-coded spreadsheet may then list hashtags by kind, popularity, and intended audience. If you collect the hashtags and make a list, it will help you build the right strategy for your business.

Instagram Tiers
Instagram hashtags are classed by their frequency of usage.

•Tags used in over a million Instagram photos (ex: #lovepuppies)
•Tier 2: a hashtag with over 100,000 but fewer than 1 million postings (#giveawayusa)
•Tier 3: fewer than 100,000 Instagram posts (#purchase4home)
Use a mix of hashtags from the three levels to increase your brand’s visibility on Instagram.

Using generic hashtags to drive attention to your page doesn’t tell visitors anything about your brand, and they can tell.

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Where to use Instagram ### ?

To use hashtags, you should think about where you should use them. If you want to use hashtags in your main comment, you should put them there. If you want to use them right below, you should put them in a separate comment right below that. This was a great thing to notice because I hadn’t thought about whether one could beat the other. For the life of me, I can’t find the article that talks about this. The more hashtags in the caption, the more people will see your Instagram profile picture (and potentially follow you). There will be more comments and interaction with your post if you use hashtags in the comment section. How can I help you?

Do both of them. Is there a rule that says you can’t use them in both your caption and below it? I’ve been doing this a lot lately, and it has worked out well for me. It’s simple and easy to do. So that I always write about the same things (at least the ones that describe me the same), I keep a “Note” on my phone with them all.

By Sarah Kuhn

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